About us

When accuracy, speed and cost are critical, we have the experience, expertise and systems to listen to your specific needs, analyse the critical issues and manage the workload to develop unique, cost effective solutions, delivered as you need them.

Primarily you want an engineering consultant who will take the time to fully understand your needs and special situation. You want people with the expertise and experience to ensure you achieve a timely and cost effective solution. You need to engage a consultant who operates with flexibility and is open to innovative solutions.

You want a relationship built on trust

  • We always treat a working relationship as a partnership.
  • We won’t be rushed until we understand exactly what you want.
  • We develop new approaches producing innovative, practical solutions.
  • We are proactive with communication.
  • We value professionalism, initiative and teamwork.

Our Mission

To provide high quality structural design, drawings and documentation in a clear and concise method that ensures a complete innovative solution.

Through partnerships of proactive communication we take time to fully understand the customer’s needs and use a professional approach to deliver projects consistently on time and on budget.

Some of our clients

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