Other Structures

Do you require structural design and certification for structures supporting plant or machinery?

Do you require assistance in fabricating load bearing structures?

Do your products need to be compliant with Australian Wind and Loading Standards (AS1170)?

Are you considering installation of new or  upgraded plant or equipment and need to check that the supporting structures are adequate or compliant with regulations?

Or you may be looking for the most efficient design for components in a fabrication process.

The risk of not working with an engineering consultant who is focused on your ideal outcomes can result in over-engineered designs that may be safe, but lead to unwarranted production expense and costly inefficiencies, or under-engineered designs that fail to meet the structural integrity requirements.

Cost effective, compliant and timely solutions are the key outcomes you are looking for.

Gamcorp understands your needs by developing a relationship with you and your team to ensure your installation or build time is minimised and reduce your overall cost of the project by:

  • effective upfront planning through early involvement in the projects to be able to understand all constraints and predict possible variables
  • eliminating delays in installation by reducing the need for design changes
  • minimising lost productivity due to inefficiencies in fabrication processes
  • minimising typical conservative allowances to cover uncertainties that increase cost of manufacturing
  • minimising the time required onsite through prefabrication off-site
  • maximising standardisation of support structure components.

We are at our best when you have a challenging problem that requires an innovative solution.  Whether it is a solution to support solar panels, or telecommunication poles, or to create extra useable space in your existing facilities, we thrive on the challenge of creating the most economic solutions.

Our approach to design is to “Keep it Simple.” Unlike many engineers who will just accept the status quo, we look for better ways to make design more efficient and cost effective.

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Other Structures