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The major pitfall in most construction projects stems from under-preparation in planning and design phases, which leads to construction delays, poor quality and budget overruns.

One of the main reasons for the under-preparation is that the construction process that has evolved over the years has led to a separation of work, that involves different specialists in each phase.

The shortcomings occur when these specialists are not all involved in collaboration on a project from an early stage.

Optimal solutions are achieved when all specialists are involved from the start.

This enables your consulting engineer to provide:

  • expertise in the upfront planning to minimise the potential cost of omissions and rework that result in the need to alter the design
  • better planning to enable commitment to time frames and achievement of deadlines
  • reduction of over-engineered designs
  • practical solutions for construction efficiencies.

Whether it be new houses, apartments, units or grand estates, Gamcorp is able to work with you, your architect and your builder to assist with achieving your optimal solution

Renovating? We address any challenge and make sure the building functions just as you want it to, whether it be a house you want to live in or unit or apartment you want to rent out.

We provide building compliance certificates to ensure the project adheres to the National Construction Code.

We provide various inspections and certifications so if you’re unsure about what you need, we will sit down together with you and get things done quickly.

We make sure you get the whole picture when it comes to designing your home.

Everything matters and we want to get even the minutest of details right.

We provide:

  • Structural review of your preliminary or town planning design
  • Storm water drainage and detention system design for dual occupancy, multi unit and apartment developments
  • Structural design documentation and Certificate of Compliance for Building Permit approval

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