Double Level Mezzanine for Distribution Centre

Appcon Engineering

Double Mezzanine for Country Road

Very large double level mezzanine constructed inside the new distribution centre for Country Road. The challenges for Appcon were they have a tight timeframe where they had access to the building to install the mezzanine floors, very specific requirements regards to clear access within and under the floors, and limitations on the size of cranes and other construction equipment that could be used inside the building. Due to the size of the structure and the amount of steel involved the fabrication had be to precisely managed to as not to delay the installation schedule. Gamcorp designed a modular framing system that enabled the structure to be constructed using manageable steel lengths and minimised the number of unique structural elements. The modular design meant that fabrication was simplified and the installation was fast and easy. This enabled Appcon to complete the installation of the structure 4 weeks ahead of schedule.

  • Civil Engineering
GamcorpDouble Level Mezzanine for Distribution Centre