Basketball Court Gippsland, Vic

Basketball Court Roof Design

CLIENT: Gippsland Grammar

The client required a structure to protect the students from the elements while still providing the freedom of the outdoors and open space.

The roof only required 6 precast concrete columns to support the curved roof truss design.
Since the unique design requires half the number of columns compared to a traditional ‘shed’ style structure, there is virtually no impact on the playing area and creates a very open space with the look and feel of a stadium.

The design allows for installation of eternal walls to protect against prevailing weather conditions at a later date.
All other components were pre-fabricated and transported to the site for erection, this in turn reduced the construction time and minimisied the inconvenience caused to the school.

  • Design & Construct
GamcorpBasketball Court Gippsland, Vic