Prefabricated Pipe Risers & Plant Room Modules

D&E Airconditioning

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Plant Room Modules and Modular Pipe Risers

D & E were awarded the contract to install and commission all the mechanical and hydraulic services for the new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre. This amounted to thousands of meters of pipes and ducts that needed to be installed through the building from the lower basement levels to the roof top. The challenges faced by D & E were limited access to the construction site as they needed to work around the building construction and other trades; tight completion deadlines for the various stages on construction; providing and maintaining a safe working environment for their employees and contractors. The solution to these challenges were achieved by utilising as much prefabrication as possible. Gamcorp assisted D & E in designing modular structural components that enabled 90% of the work to be completed off-site in a factory and then transported to the building site and lifted into their final position. This allowed D & E to have greater control over the fabrication process, minimised their time on-site and created a safer and more enjoyable working environment for their employees. The approach also ensured that the overall construction time for the building was reduced compared to more traditional methods.

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GamcorpPrefabricated Pipe Risers & Plant Room Modules