Extension & Renovation – South Melbourne

Extensions & Renovation

The Evolve Group – 208 Montague St South Melbourne

The Evolve Group were engaged by the home owner to complete renovations and a second storey extension to an existing single level duplex house in South Melbourne. The works needed to be completed with minimal disruption to the neighbouring residents and with no impact to structure of the other half of the duplex building. Gamcorp worked closely with the builder to devise a structural system that provided temporary support of the neighbouring building to allow for the removal of half the roof and demolition of internal walls without any disruption to the residents living in the other side of the duplex. Working with the architectural design of the new extension, Gamcorp designed an internal steel frame to not only support the new works but also retain the structural integrity of the original building. Working co-operatively with the builder helped in developing a solution that was also economical and practical to construct.

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GamcorpExtension & Renovation – South Melbourne