Multi Purpose Hall Bairnsdale, Victoria

Multi Purpose Hall, Gippsland Grammar, Bairnsdale

CLIENT: Gippsland Grammer

Never a better name for a building, boasting an area of 1300m2. This building incorporates clever design principles to use an otherwise difficult sloping site. The split level nature of the building (3 levels) use the site to overlook stunning areas. While at the same time minimising its overall footpriint on the already cramped site.

This building incorprates a sports hall, stage area, changing rooms, meeting and storage rooms, a library, artroom and extensive music tutorial area.

This building sits proud amoung other design and constructed buildings in the MyYung area, which have been completed by the gamcorp team.

  • Building Design
  • Structural Design
  • Civil Design
  • Project Management
Multi Purpose Hall Bairnsdale, Victoria