AS NZS 1170.2 PV Array Frame Certification

General Certification for Roof Mounted PV Array Systems

Gamcorp work with PV array frame manufacturers providing structural assessment, advice and certification to ensure their systems are suitable for installation in Australia and New Zealand. Wind load is the most critical factor that effects PV Array systems, and although the Australian and New Zealand Standard 1170.2, "Structural Design Actions: Wind Actions", is specific about how to determine the design wind speeds there is only limited design guidance on how wind forces apply to Roof Mounted PV Array Systems. Over the past 10 years Gamcorp has developed methodologies from internal and external research to ensure that the PV Array Systems are optimised for Australian & New Zealand conditions.

Roof Mounted PV Array Systems

A typical PV Array Frame Assessment and Certification includes the following:

Scope of Work

Structural Assessment & General Array Frame Engineering Certificate

Engineer Analysis & Certification of Flush and Tilt Mount PV Array Frame Systems in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 (R2016)

The following criteria is considered the Base System and would by suitable for the majority of installations in Australia.


  • Structural analysis of 1 x rail type and 2 x fixings types for installation in Australian Wind Region A, Terrain Category 2 & 3
  • 1 x Tilt angle, eg 10 degrees
  • 2 x PV Panel sizes, 60 cell (1670mm) and 72 cell (2000mm) modules
  • Fixing spacing summary tables for Tile Roof Hook (screws), L-Foot (screw) & 1 x Roof Clamp (eg. Kliplock 700) installations.

Fee Estimate (Base System Only):

  • Structural Assessment & General Array Frame Engineering Certificate : $3300 ex GST

If you wish to add additional items to the general certification:

  • To add additional Wind Regions (ie, B, C, D or W), an extra fee of $900 ex GST per wind region applies. To include all wind regions, and extra fee of $1800 ex GST applies.
  • To add additional tilt angles, an extra fee of $600 ex GST per angle applies.
  • To add additional PV panel fixing rails, an extra fee of $900 ex GST per rail applies.
  • To add additional PV panel sizes, an extra fee of $900 ex GST per panel applies.
  • To add additional Roof Clamp types, an extra fee of $900 ex GST per roof clamp per system applies

To complete the design and analysis we will also require the following

  • Pull Test Report for Tile Roof Hooks
  • Pull Test Report for Roof Clamp
  • Pull Test Report for Tilt Legs
  • We will provide a recommended Test methodology once your confirmation has been received. You can use this methodology to get the testing completed yourself, or we can can quote to provide this service if required.
  • Schematic scaled drawings of the PV Array structure and its components with all notations in English.
  • Section & Material properties for aluminium fixing rails and other system components

The estimated fee allows for 1 x design iteration. If there are system design changes after the first structural assessment, additional fees may apply.

Once we receive your confirmation, please allow 4 - 5 working days to complete the base system assessment and certification. Allow an extra day for each additional component.