• Are you an architect or building designer looking for innovative and practical design solutions?
  • Are you a property developer looking for practical, cost effective and repeatable construction design?
  • Are you considering changing the use of a building and are concerned about whether the existing structure is suitable and safe?

The major pitfall in most construction projects stems from under-preparation in planning and design phases which leads to construction delays, poor quality and budget overruns.

One of the main reasons for the under-preparation is that the construction process that has evolved over the years has led to a separation of work, that involves different specialists in each phase.

The shortcomings occur when these specialists are not all involved in collaboration on a project from an early stag

Optimal solutions are achieved when all specialists are involved from the start.

This enables your consulting engineer to provide:

  • expertise in the upfront planning to minimise the potential cost of omissions and rework that result in the need to alter the design
  • better planning to enable commitment to time frames and achievement of deadlines
  • reduction of over-engineered designs
  • practical solutions for construction efficiencies.

Whether you need to design and construct offices, shops, malls or almost any other kind of commercial construction, you need innovative and quality engineering to ensure you get the best results and minimise the overall cost of construction. After all, it’s short sighted to quibble about the cost of your engineering component only to see your construction project costs blow out due to expensive time delays and rework, because the design wasn’t right at the start.

The reality is that involving an expert engineering consultant early in the process will not change the overall design cost significantly. The potential savings are achieved by reduction of time delays through the project and reduced rework, which greatly reduce overall project construction costs. This results in creating more efficient and cost effective structures over the lifetime of the building.

An expert consulting engineer will be proactive about educating and offering advice about alternative approaches, the risks involved in taking short cuts and the potential costs.

We will partner with all parties to ensure they get the best results and be involved early in the project so that all parties can fully benefit from their expertise through valuable collaboration.

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