Our Values and Beliefs


We believe that trust is the foundation of all relationships.


We believe that professionalism is being the best you can be.


We believe that support is the willingness to take the time to go above and beyond.


We believe that sustainability is using resources in the best way to ensure our future and environment.

Our Commitment

  • Do all we can to ensure your project's success

  • Be your trusted partner

  • Continual professional development to ensure we are industry experts

  • We are focused on creating the best possible solution for you, not just a compliant solution.

When accuracy, speed and cost are critical, we have the experience, expertise and systems to listen to your specific needs, analyse the critical issues and manage the workload to develop unique, cost effective solutions, delivered as you need them.

Primarily you want an engineering consultant who will take the time to fully understand your needs and special situation. You want people with the expertise and experience to ensure you achieve a timely and cost effective solution. You need to engage a consultant who operates with flexibility and is open to innovative solutions.

You want a relationship built on trust

  • We always treat a working relationship as a partnership.

  • We won’t be rushed until we understand exactly what you want.

  • We develop new approaches producing innovative, practical solutions.

  • We are proactive with communication.

  • We value professionalism, initiative and teamwork.

Our Team

Martin Gamble

Jianzeng Geng

Lena Van Spaandonk

Behrooz Ghaemi

Sanna Afshar

Liz Simmons

Ali Askari

Muss Jameel

Humam Sami

William Howden

Yesim Kocabalkan

Bilal Heras

Acha De Alwis

Jiewen Deng

Bianca Hongbo Liu

Nadine Fleischer

Eric Leng

Paris Moghadam

John Zhang

Our Affiliations

Where we are

35 Butler St, Richmond VIC 3121
10 Dalmahoy St, Bairnsdale VIC 3875